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Pennie Open Enrollment Is Now

From November 1, 2022 through January 15, 2023, Pennsylvania residents can enroll in Pennie, the State’s official online health insurance marketplace. Pennsylvanians can apply, compare plans, and enroll in high-quality health coverage all in one place.

There is a change this year which may help family members who have insurance through a spouse’s or parent’s work! In 2023, if you would pay more than 9.2% of household income for a family plan through a family member’s job, you can apply through Pennie to receive premium savings to reduce their cost of coverage. Some families have been locked out of receiving Affordable Care Act subsidies, even if the cost of a family plan was far more than 9.2% of their income. Pennsylvanians previously impacted by this issue can come back to Pennie to apply or update their application to enroll and receive the savings their family deserve.

You can go to the Pennie website to shop for insurance, compare prices, and see if you are eligible for health insurance and financial assistance. If you need help, you can search for a certified insurance broker or assister near you. Remember, open enrollment ends on January 15, 2023, so begin looking at your options for the best health plan for you and your family.

If you do not enroll during open enrollment, you will only be able to enroll if you have a Qualifying Life Event, which allows for a special enrollment period. Qualifying life events include, for example, loss of health coverage, change in household, change of residence, or other event such as leaving jail or prison. (See:

If you apply for health insurance through Pennie, but appear to be eligible for Medical Assistance (Medicaid), your application will be forwarded to County Assistance Office of DHS (Department of Human Services) for eligibility review. Similarly, if you apply for help through COMPASS, but are not eligible, you will be directed to Pennie.

If you are currently have Medical Assistance, please note that the federal government extended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency through the spring of 2023. For most of those receiving MA and CHIP, participants will not be terminated from benefits unless they pass away, move, or ask to end their medical assistance. Once the Public Health Emergency ends, DHS will begin sending out renewal applications. (See: It is important to keep your contact information up to date on the COMPASS website to receive alerts and renewal packages when they are sent.

If you receive a notice of denial, reduction, or termination of medical assistance benefits, you have a right to appeal if you disagree or don’t understand the reason for the decision. You may contact NPLS to apply for legal assistance. More information on Medical Assistance is found at PaLawHelp -