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Protection from Abuse Order

Protection from Abuse

Protection from Abuse Order

Protection from Abuse Order

NPLS generally provides assistance with Protection from Abuse Hearings and works with local domestic violence agencies to coordinate services for victims and their families.  Many local domestic violence agencies offer services such as temporary shelter / emergency housing and counseling.


  • Who can file for a PFA?

    Generally, you must be 18 years of age or older to obtain a PFA.  If you are under 18, a parent, guardian or trusted adult may file on your behalf. 

    Pennsylvania's PFA Act limits who you can file a PFA against.  It requires that the parties be related to each other, for example a parent, child, spouse (or former spouse), or be current or former sexual or intimate partners.

  • Where can I file a PFA?

    A PFA may be filed in any of the following locations:

    • in the county in which you live
    • In the county where the abuser lives,  
    • in the county where the abusive incident occurred OR
    • in the county where you currently reside because you moved to escape the abuse.
  • Can I include my children as protected parties in my PFA?

    You may include your children as protected parties if they are also victims of abuse. 

  • What if the abuser has no relationship with me?

    If the abuser has no, or very little, relationship with you, another type of protective order may apply.  See Protection From Sexual Violence and Intimidation orders for more information. 

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