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NPLS generally does not provide representation in divorce.  Some of our offices provide workshops to help you file a divorce yourself in limited situations.  These include cases where there is no marital property and:

  • your spouse will agree to the divorce OR
  • you have been separated for more than one year. 

If you are a victim of domestic violence, depending on your location there may be some services available through your local women's center.  If you are a victim of domestic violence, women's centers by county are available through the Local Resources & Lawyer Referrals link below.

You can read more about this topic in our Family Law Handbook (English) or Family Law Handbook (Spanish).

NPLS has launched an automated program to help individuals seeking a divorce.  More details are included in the Divorce Tracker description below.

The Divorce Tracker

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to support the online Divorce Tracker.  If you have started a divorce using the Divorce tracker and need the second or third packet, please contact us using the Contact Us page. (Scroll down to Media Inquiries, Feedback, Suggestions, and Outreach Requests)


  • Can I retake my maiden name after my divorce is final?

    At any time after the entry of a final divorce decree the litigant can retake their prior last name by filling out a form  to retake your maiden name.  The form can be obtained from your local Protonotary or Clerk of Court indicating that you wish to retake your maiden name.

  • Is there common law marriage in Pennsylvania?

    Pennsylvania stopped recognizing common law marriage on January 2, 2005. However, if your common law marriage was established prior to that date, your marriage may be recognized as valid. It will be your burden to prove the elements of common law marriage that existed before 2005.

Self-Help Resources

Local Resources & Lawyer Referrals