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What We Do

Do I Qualify?

Eligibility Requirements

NPLS may take into account some expenses (for example, employment-related expenses, child support paid out, and unusually high medical expenses) for households above these guidelines. 2022 Poverty Guidelines as issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (125% of poverty) are listed below.

# Persons in family unit Gross annual income
1 $16,988
2 $22,888
3 $28,788
4 $34,688
5 $40,588
6 $46,488
7 $52,388
8 $58,288
For families/households with more than 8 persons add $5,900 for each additional person

Accepted Case Types

NPLS can only assist with civil legal matters and does not handle criminal, personal injury, or traffic court matters.

Services Disclaimer

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every case.

In order for your case to be reviewed, you must go through our intake process. You are not a client until the local office has accepted your case following the intake process.

We are not responsible if your application is not received due to server or Internet problems.  We are not responsible if you miss a deadline while you are waiting for us to determine eligibility.