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Clean Slate 3.0 Signed into Law

House bill 689, also referred to as Clean Slate 3.0, was signed into law by Governor Josh Shapiro on December 14, 2023. This new law allows certain drug and property related felonies to be sealed if 10 years pass with no felony or misdemeanor conviction within that 10 year period. Misdemeanor convictions can now be sealed if 7 years pass with no conviction and summary convictions can be sealed after 5 years. The convictions will be sealed by either petitioning the Court or automatically. Eligible convictions can be sealed by petition beginning in mid-February, 2024. Automatic sealing will take effect in mid-June, 2024.

This new law expands on the already very successful Clean Slate program, allowing a wider range of convictions to be sealed thus enabling people to move on with their lives free from the burden of a criminal record.

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